April’s Hottest New Music Releases and the Women on Top


In the past two years, Liberian music has seen a tremendous growth in popularity among Liberians. For the first time in a very long time, you can take a road trip while listening only to Liberian music in the entire duration of the drive. Although the industry is saturated with mostly male artists, there are few female artists who are proving to break through with their unique sound and lyrics. The boys have shared their musical perspectives on love, heartbreak, sex, among others; and now, it’s time for the girls to do the same. We LOVE to see it!

April was a spectacular month in Liberia entertainment. Almost every day of the month was a different entertainers’ birthday. Throughout the month beginning on the very first day, we were blessed with a few hot new releases from top artists like Kobazzie, Jaredo, CIC, Phil Ceasar, among others. What stuck out most to us among those releases though, was the unsuspecting surprise single from Radio Host, Rickslyn Myers titled, ‘Broken’. Along with Rickslyn, superstar Faith Vonic released a single, ‘Ginger’, after over a year of not doing so; while newcomer, Anitram released her latest single, ‘Sorry’. The difference in sound released by these three ladies signified a shift in sound from what we have grown accustomed to with Liberian music of today.

Rickslyn Myers

Although we got a glimpse of Rickslyn’s musical ability on Bucky Raw’s single, Last Kiss, it remained unclear whether she was going to further her music career, or if it was a one-time thing. After talking to Rickslyn, we have since learned all the push it took from her friends and support system to finally release the masterpiece that is ‘Broken’ to the public. In fact, the release was even done without her consent, which makes us grateful to her friends Suma, Jaymu, and boyfriend, Abrahim, for the push. We all need it sometimes, and appreciate her honesty in the process.

Liberian music
Photo courtesy of Instagram/RickslynMyersOficia_All

While we love the neo-soul vibes that is experienced in Broken, with production by J-Slought, Rickslyn assured us that she is not a woman who will allow herself to be boxed in any one career, or sound. She has sung on a trap beat before with Last Kiss, a neo-soul beat with Broken, and we can expect other genres as well – “Everybody can expect a little more every time.”, she says.

Faith Vonic

While ‘Broken’ and ‘Sorry’ told the story of love lost, faith Vonic’s ‘Ginger’ told the story of love found. The upbeat and light-hearted single explained that indescribable feeling of love, and what it means to be in it. Speaking on the inspiration behind ‘Ginger’, Faith said;

“I was inspired by my boyfriend to do ‘Ginger’. Love songs have always been a challenge for me because it has to come from a deep part of me, and so I told myself that doing a love song will always come from my relationship with my partner. Saying how I felt about him wasn’t enough, and so I had to put an instrument on it with ’Ginger’.”

Liberian music
Photo courtesy of Instagram/FaithVonic

Unsurprising, those words, because the song feels honest, raw, and full of love! Likewise, the work ethic and thought that is put into every song released by Faith Vonic is very apparent in this one. Like we are with Rickslyn Myers and Anitram, we are very eager to hear where next Faith will carry her sound. The male artists are raising their voices and perspectives loud and clear, and it is exciting to have some diversity present from the women’s perspectives as well.

Listen below for our curated playlists of top releases from Liberian artists in the month of April, with focus on Rickslyn Myers, Faith Vonic, and Anitram.

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