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On Friday, October 4, 2019, Lonestar Cell MTN took to the pristine halls of the newly built Ministerial Complex in Paynesville, for the launch of their newest product, PRESTIGE. The launch of the product comes in wake of Lonestar Cell’s recent efforts to bring innovative and convenient technology to their customers. In the case with Prestige, though, the focus is on improving their services with their high value customers by providing more unbeatable digital and physical rewards. 

A Lonestar Cell MTN High Value Customer

The night commenced with some cultural performances as guests entered the hall, after which they were directed to a photo station to have their photos taken by professional photographers. In the hall itself, guests were welcomed by dimly lit walls accompanied by floral table decorations, with smooth jazz tunes filling the room. From the delicious foods to live performances by the Afric Collective, and an art showcase by Meskora and Frachuree print and gallery, it was indeed a high value experience curated by the team who brought us the exclusive MTN Plug party, Echo House Ltd. 

Representatives from the Government of Liberia

Moving past the memorable vibe created by the Lonestar Cell MTN and Echo House teams, the product itself proved to be something very valuable for current and future high value customers. Since it is no secret that data and calling have become luxuries in today’s Liberia, the high value bundles which Prestige offers is a bargain as compared to other leading competitors in the industry.

What to Expect from Prestige?

 By dialing *222# on their Lonestar MTN mobile devices, customers can follow the steps and subscribe to Prestige to unlock the following rewards and perks:

  1. 30-Day data, call, and text bundles to Lonestar and other networks starting at USD5 up to USD100
  2. Starting at the USD20 bundle, customers begin to receive gifts such as free extra data, and free phone to phone transactions on mobile money.
  3. Beginning at the USD50 bundle, customers use their active MTN data while roaming during their travels

Lonestar Cell MTN Chief Marketing Officer, Yaw Ankoma Agyapong

As the Prestige product is meant to treat Lonestar customers with the care and appreciation they deserve, the Chief Marketing Officer at Lonester Cell MTN, Yaw Ankoma Agyapong, explained that there are many rewards outside of the data and call bundles. As such, in addition to the data and call bundle deals, Prestige subscribers also unlock up to 15% discounts at some of Monrovia’s favorite sales points including; airlines, eateries, private cab companies, hotels/resorts, pharmacies, electronic shops, and supermarkets. 

In continuance, Agyapong insisted that the goal of Lonestar Cell MTN is to modernize Liberia to the rest of the world digitally, and to do that, they are improving on all of their data and phone services. Through this strategy, they wish to improve the lives of Liberians and ensure their customers remain exposed to the happenings of the world through affordable and reliable access to internet data. 

Getting Connected

While Lonestar MTN’s youth product, MTN Plug, is exclusive to youth ages 18-35 only, Prestige is open to all those who wish to join the Lonestar Cell MTN network, and unlock exciting and exclusive data, call, text, roaming, and rewards deals. 

To learn more about the incredible rewards that awaits you when you join the MTN Prestige club, recharge your phone starting at USD5, and dial *222#. Don’t wait too long to unlock your most Prestige future.

Photos from the launch of Lonestar MTN Prestige

Photos by: Bruzee of Truth Studios

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