A Foodie’s Guide to Liberia’s Food Options


2018 was a great year for the proliferation of Liberian cuisine. As Nigeria and Ghana were busy fighting one another in the jollof wars, Liberia jumped through the window on them and swept away the jollof rice championships in cities across the USA. It came as no surprise to Liberians of course, as we have never shied away from licking our lips and fingers of the rich, succulent, deliciousness that is our diverse food options. So, as the holiday vacation season is upon us, all of those who are visiting the country are in for a delightfully mouth-watering treat that is a foodie’s paradise.

As such, continue reading below for some great places to eat, and a guide on how to get the most out of your foodie experience in Liberia.

Street Food

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Before getting into the influencer Instagram feed worthy food placement locations, lets start with the most delicious type of food to eat in Liberia – street food! There is something so authentic and rich about street food in Liberia. From the likes of roasted/grilled meat (beef kabobs), seasoned roasted sausages, and roasted fish, to the roasted roadside corn, and ripe plantains, among others. Most days as I rushed to early morning meetings, the street hawkers were part of my meal plan, as their homemade donuts, shortbread, meat-pies, etc. are literally the best in the world. My mouth waters now as I write; that is how good it is. Beware though, of the locations you choose to buy your street food because typhoid and food poisoning is real people. I learned the hard way so you won’t have to; so enjoy the deliciousness, but proceed with caution.

Authentically Liberian

If you yearn for a less sketchy taste of Liberian food, there are a few restaurants in and around the city that will soothe your cravings. Among those is Evelyn’s restaurant, located in the Sinkor area street side. The menu focuses on authentically Liberian cuisine, with great pastries and fresh juices. Only warning here, is to call ahead to ensure the soups of the day are still available before you arrive, otherwise you will have to choose something else that’s on the menu, which can be disappointing.

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Besides, Evelyn’s Cece and Daughter’s in the Paynesville ELWA junction area makes for a delicious lunch option. The restaurant has survived through the Liberian civil wars, and everything else the country has had to endure, and there is a reason. Their signature classic attieke + chicken/fish recipe cannot be replicated anywhere else. Its really the best there is, which comes as no surprise that it has been around for such a long time.

Lunch Hot Spots

Lunch hour in Liberia can be a bit tricky. If you want a more local lunch experience, you have to start by exactly 12:00 PM, so as to avoid getting to some of the city’s favorite local spots like Vicky’s Fingers in Sinkor, or the Ghana Chop Bar on the SKD Boulevard in Paynesville, only to find out that what you want has run out from the kitchen.

On the plus side though, there are other options. The newly erupted hipster chic restaurant, The HUB, has become a favorite for those looking for a quick bite. Their café-style menu offers everything, from signature sandwiches, to pizza, and crafty burgers. Its outdoor seating area is also great for enjoying the street view, people watching, or lunch meetings.

In the Sinkor area, Lila Brown on the 19th street beach side is a favorite for small chops and healthy eating options. In the evening and night time, the seasoned mixologist at the beautifully gardened and decorated restaurant/bar makes some of the best unique cocktails in the city. A perfect little hideout for working through lunch, or date night.

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If you want a taste of where all the cool kids hang out, Ma Ju’s Burger Spot across the bridge in Vai Town is a favorite for Liberian food, and creatively whimsical and classic burgers. Traffic can be a hindrance to getting to this location if you are not already in central town, but luckily, they do also offer delivery services which can be requested and arranged by calling the restaurant. Call or visit them for some delicious burgers you can order from the menu or build yourself!

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High-End Dining

Arguably the best sushi is West Africa is rolled right in the Mamba Point community in Monrovia, at the Mamba Point Hotel. The chef at the sushi bar is incredibly helpful in guiding your food and wine choices, making for an enjoyable and delicious dining experience. Also at the Mamba Point Hotel is the only Italian restaurant in the city, which is great for a picture perfect dining experience.

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On the other end sitting in the middle Sinkor, is one of the city’s high-end dining options at the Royal Grand Hotel, The Livingroom. The Asian influenced menu at the Livingroom sparks your taste buds with their stir fry and hot plate options, as well as the sushi and exquisite wine collection. This location is perfect for date nights, and is an exciting pre-outing choice for Friday nights with their rooftop bar.

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Miscellaneous Eats

Liberian celebrity chef based in the USA, Chef Chauncy, is cooking up a Liberian fusion with his signature style at the Bella Casa Hotel on 3rd street Sinkor. The renowned creative chef has been heavily promoting his presence at the hotel, and is expected to provide an irresistible dining experience to all those who visit the hotel’s restaurant from Thursdays-Saturdays this holiday season.

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Another growing fan favorite is the newly curated, Balance Bowls. Created by restaurateur and self-proclaimed foodie, Andrea Kamara, the Balance Bowl is changing the way we eat in Liberia. The Balance Bowls are carefully crafted healthy food options made freshly weekly, which can be ordered and delivered right to your door. It is an incredibly innovative alternative to traditional dining options available in the country, and is guaranteed to leave you satisfied.

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There are many other locations which offers incredible dining experiences in and around the city which we did not detail entirely in our list. Among these are the restaurant at Tropicana Beach Resort, and the Lebanese/Liberian fusion menu at Fuzion D’Afrique, among others. Once you become aquatinted with the food options available in the country, you are sure to find more that is not included in this list.

With that said, I trust this guide has left your mouth watering and longing for a sensational taste of the deliciously unforgettable foodie experiences that awaits you in Liberia. Enjoy your trip, and let us know how it goes 🙂 




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