9 Skincare Products for your Beauty Cabinet


Self Care Saturdays here at the Koloqua Dialogues is when we share our most tried and trusted beauty secrets and products you absolutely need for your beauty cabinet. Watch the video below for my full intensive Saturday skincare routine, and continue below for a list of the products used.

Saturday Skincare Routine


skincare products
Photo courtesy of LIBPositives.com

This edible clay is popular among mostly pregnant women in Liberia, while others simply just like the taste. Although its most common use is being eaten, we have explored the clay as a one stop shop beauty secret. When turned into a paste and used as a mask, as seen in the video above, this clay cleans out all dirt and oil from the pores, leaving the skin smooth, poreless, and glowing. Other alternatives are the aztec clay, and volcanic clay 10/10!

Kernel Fresh Exfoliating Face Scrub

skincare products
Photo By: Adrienne Tingba for the Koloqua Dialogues

Using the Kernel Fresh exfoliating facial scrub is a natural alternative to other scrubs in the market with much harsher chemicals. This scrub, when used after the portoh, as seen in the video above, reinvigorates the pores left dry from the portoh mask. pair this with a cleanser for best results.

Face Mist/Toner

skincare products
Photo By: Adrienne Tingba for the Koloqua Dialogues

The one product needed in every skincare product cabinet is a face mist and toner. I love this Pearlessence face mist because it prepares my face for my routine, keeping it hydrated and refreshed. I also use this face mist as a makeup primer and setting spray so that my skin remains hydrated throughout, and my makeup is left looking natural.

Hyaluronic Acid

skincare products
Photo By: Adrienne Tingba for the Koloqua Dialogues

I’ve always been an advocate for the use of strictly natural skincare products, however, since trying the hyaluronic acid three years ago, I got a change of heart. The chemical is great for keeping the skin smooth and hydrated, while reducing the look of pores.


Having a good collection of serums is important for your beauty and skincare cabinet. The purpose of serums is to infuse your skin with lasting moisture and hydration. Although, when choosing a serum, it is important to keep in mind your specific skin type and tailor it as necessary. The work of facial serums is to keep your skin moisturized, hydrated, and glowing; which are all properties needed for a healthy skin irregardless of skin type.

Facial Oil

Photo By: Adrienne Tingba for the Koloqua Dialogues

A good facial oil is necessary for your beauty cabinet, no matter your skin type. After using the rosehip oil and coconut serum, I became hooked on how light it feels. Having a combination skin means needing hydration, but remembering not to use thick oils that will leave the skin feeling overly saturated. With the rosehip and coconut oil, you can achieve the evel of moisture you need throughout the day without having to oversaturate the skin. As the last step in your facial skincare routine, it is important that this oil seals in the moisture that can last you all day, until your nightime routine. For where to purchase the products listed in this post, click HERE.

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