9 Books for the Cultural Development of Every Liberian Child


As younger generations of Liberians are born, there are certain values important to raise them with. Pride in country, culture, and self, being some of them. As such, Liberian authors have taken upon themselves to create and collect stories that instills in these upcoming generations various life lessons that will enable them grow into the leaders that the society will need in the future. Continue reading for a list of nine (9) of these books we feel are crucial to the cultural development of every Liberian child.

I Love Liberia, written by Wayetu Moore and Illustrated by Kula Moore, is an original poem that encourages the need for national pride, patriotism, and cultural pride. It can be bought through Amazon HERE.

JAADEH!, written by Robtel Pailey and illustrated by Chase Walker, is the sequel to Pailey’s debut anti-corruption children’s book, Gbagba. The story follows twin siblings, Sundaymah and Sundaygar as they learn about the trappings of truthfulness. The book can be purchased HERE.

Two Ways to Count to Ten is a book of an ancient Liberian folktale retold by Ruby Dee and illustrated by Susan Meddaugh. The book follows a leopard King as he tries to find a suitor for his daughter in the jungle. Like most folktales, it carries an ancient message, which in this case, is one of leadership and strength. It can be purchased HERE.

Kukujumuku, written by Wayetu Moore and illustrated by Augustus Moore Jr., follows a giant frog through a rainforest as he tries to find refuge from the storm. Through the frog’s journey, children are able to learn about the importance of unity. The book can be purchased HERE.

Grains of Pepper, by Edythe Rance is a collection of Liberian folktales that teaches children important lessons they can take with them through life. It can be purchased HERE.

What Happened to Red Rooster When a Visitor Came tells a hilarious tale of the loudest and most beautiful Rooster in town, who was in for quite a shock when a visitor came to town. Written by Stephenie C. Horton and illustrated by Chase Walker, the book can be purchased HERE.

GBAGBA is the debut children’s novel by Robtel Pailey, illustrated by Chase Walker, which follows twin siblings in Grand Bassa County as they learn about what it means to be corrupt. The book can be purchased HERE.

In Monrovia, The River Visits The Sea is a poetic story written by renowned Liberian Poet, Patricia Jabbeh Wesley.  In this book, illustrated by Kula Moore, Wesley explores Liberia’s Mesurado River through the relationship of two siblings, Klon and Geede. The book can be purchased HERE.

If a Leopard Licks Your Nose, Your Brain is What He is Hoping to Eat, collected by Joseph C. Wold, is a collection of Loma proverbs. The book was collected from stories written by Mr. Yella Quay-Quay of village life to explain the Loma proverbs. The pictures by Wozi artist Fokpa Dolo illustrates indigenous Loma village life, and can be purchased HERE.

Thats nine already! Thanks you for reading, and we hope some of these books will be added to your collection for your children.

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