8 Big Jue-Owned Businesses for Your Beauty Needs


LIB Takeover is reaching the beauty world today with some major glam news! Where there are women, there is glam, and with over 50% of Liberia’s population being women, the glam options around the country are many.

With so many options on places to get beautified, every big jue has her own big jue that she trusts to get her fresh! And so, after some major observations, we have rounded up some big-jue owned glam businesses for all your beauty needs in Liberia. Continue below for the 8 places to get fresh and popping!

8 Places to Be a Big Jue!

Dele’s Natural Hair Clinic

Photo from Instagram/Deles_Salon

Letitia Gibson, owner of Dele’s Salon is a serious big jue that has all the natural-haired big jues flocking to her hair clinic. Located at the intersection of Carey and Mcdonald streets, Dele’s Natural Hair Clinic is the place to visit, whether you are a pro to the natural hair game, a beginner, or just curious as per your hair care needs.

Get Smashin’

Photo from Instagram/GetSmashin

The time for excuses when it comes to your grooming needs is over! Why? Because Get Smashin’ has offered a convenient alternative to leaving your homes to get beautified. We all know how those in-between hairstyles and mani/pedi days are, so having the convenience of your beauty tech visiting your home or office cannot get more ideal! Call and book your appointment today so you look like the true big jue you are!

Denise’s Classic Beat

The only face beating we endorse in the streets is done with brushes, and colors, and Denise’s Classic Beats got you! Visit her on the Old Road today to have your face glamorously beaten so you can kill us with the selfies like the big jue you are!

Naz Naturals

While Dele’s Natural Hair Clinic got you with the natural hairstyles, Naz Naturals got you with the products you need to feed your hair! Big Jue, Satta Wahab saw the need for affordable Liberia-made hair care products to cater to the needs of Liberians, and she delivered! Try Naz Naturals today for an affordable and convenient alternative to the imported hair products on the market, so you too can look like a big jue, especially while rocking your natural hair.

Fabulous Nail Tech

Photo By: Fabulous Nail Tech

All the real OG big jues know about Sis Magretta, the Fabulous Nail tech! And so, it is only fitting that she named her newly improved location after herself. Visit the Fabulous Nail Tech location on Mechlin street today to find out how she earned that name over the years.

Labelle Glam

Photo from Instagram/Labelle_Glam

We don’t want to hear you saying “Im not a makeup person”, anymore, because that’s not big jue talk! Why? Because Only people who don’t know how to do it can say that. That’s why Maraca Massalay opened Labelle Glam, for all those who think they are not makeup people to have someone who will beautify them, and prove otherwise. Just ask all the big jues whose faces she has uplifted with her undeniable makeup skills. Visit her studio on Benson street today for a creative new outlook on your makeup and nails.

Kay Beauty

Photo from Instagram/KayBeautyLIB

Hate having to search high and low for someone traveling from the diaspora to bring your everyday beauty products, well, we’ve got good news for you! Kay Beauty has opened shop in Congo Town, offering all your favorite imported hair, skin, and makeup products. Visit their shop today for an affordable way to beef up your product arsenal.

Elle & Lui Salon

Photo from Instagram/Elle_Lui

For all the kwee big jue them, this is your owna place to get beautified! Offering a classic twist to hair styles and nail designs, Elle & Lui makes the perfect glam duo for your grooming needs here in Liberia. Visit their location on the Tubman Boulevard in Sinkor, Monrovia today for a taste of the Elle & Lui touch.

As Selfcare Saturday draws closer, these are the best places to keep on your radar for all your glam needs. Be sure to tell them the Koloqua Dialogues sent you! 🙂

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