7 Times B-day Boy, C.I.C Commanded Liberian Pop-Culture


As Liberian pop-culture grows even more popular, there are certain pop stars that are driving the growth of the culture. One of those stars calls himself the Commander in Chief, and as his star shines brighter by the minute, we get to understand exactly what earned him that title. Continue below for 7 times the birthday boy and a Koloqua Dialogues favorite, Cralor Boy C.I.C, commanded what we’ve come to love and appreciate as Liberian pop culture.

7 Times Cralor Boy C.I.C Commanded Liberia Pop Culture

1. Surviving a Life-Threatening Car Accident

A tragic day in Liberian pop-culture history is the day C.I.C and the late Quincy B, among other artists were involved in a tragic car accident, which took Quincy B’s life and left Cralo severely injured. While the outcome of the accident was a major loss for the Liberian entertainment and music industry, it was also a blessing because the life of one of our most talented artists was saved. Although the accident turned out to be a tragedy, we commend the strength it took our C.I.C to pull through, heal past the death of his dear friend, and keep his head high amidst nasty rumors from the country regarding the accident.

2. His First Feature of an International Artist

Beyonce’ has taught us that when life gives us lemons, we should make Lemonade, and it seems our C.I.C learned that lesson as well. After his almost tragic accident, he went to Ghana to complete treatment on his injured leg, where he was opportuned to feature Ghanaian megastar, Joey B. on a heartfelt track, Hello.

3. Becoming the Current Lonestar Cell MTN Brand Ambassador

Our family at Lonestar cell made no mistake in choosing the C.I.C as their official Brand Ambassador in 2018. Since being awarded this title, the SOG Records artist has gone to win several awards, keeping up with his image and that of the Lonestar Cell MTN brand.

4. The Iconic Release of his latest Album, 1994: The Throne

In another win for 90’s borns worldwide, C.I.C released one of the hottest albums to come out of Liberia in early 2019, dubbed 1994: The Throne. We thank Aunty Mabel for putting her son on his throne in 1994, because without her decision to do so that year, we wouldn’t have this classic album, nor would we have our Commander in Chief.

5. Becoming Liberia’s First Instagram-Verified Musician

In a world of thousand followers and likes, a blue check to your name as a brand can be worth more than the direct monetary value of the check itself. Nonetheless, it is a highly coveted recognition for artists and aspiring public figures around the world. Which is why it was seen as a historic moment in Liberian pop-culture when our own Commander in Chief was granted his request for verification status by the Instagram team, leading the way for other artists to follow suit.

6. Honorable Mention: The Dimples

The only member of the Fine Liberian Boy Association (FLBA) we know to have dimples, la our boy C.I.C. Don’t believe us? Jeh check his Instagram to see the nakey smiles our boy can be flashing us.

7. Unofficial Koloqua Instructor

If you are ever feeling a little rough on your Koloqua, jeh go to Youtube and search for any C.I.C song. We mean it ooh, ANY song! And you will get a quick lesson in modern-day Koloqua, even if you can’t understand what he is saying. Consider this the Koloqua Dialogues’ official endorsement of Cralor Boy C.I.C as the official Koloqua Ambassador and Instructor of Liberia.

Thats it ooh, my pipo! We are so excited to follow the artistic journey of the iconic figure in Liberian pop-culture that is Cralor Boy C.I.C. Be sure to support him by buying his music on all major music streaming platforms, and following him on all major social media platforms.

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