7 Steps to Finding the Perfect Evening Wear


As the holiday season fast approaches, so will your reason to find the perfect evening wear. (As if one ever needs a reason in the first place). In Liberia too, event season is also approaching, which means more people are visiting their tailors in search of the perfect evening wear. And so, we decided to get ahead of the curve with 7 tips on the makings of the perfect evening wear.

Step 1: Make Sure its Bold

The first thing to consider when choosing the perfect evening wear is its boldness. I strongly believe in the saying, “go big or go home”, and this is the time to do it. There are ways to remain simple while still being bold, like through color, texture, print, etc. and the above two looks perfectly captures that.

Step 2: Accessorize Your Suit

If anyone ever said menswear had to be boring, they lied. When finding the perfect suit, the accessories are just as important as the fit. Will you pair it with sneakers, a flower, a tie, a handkerchief, or will you choose the plain neat fit with jewelry? Any of those choices will work, just as long as it coordinates, as seen in the above stylings.

Step 3: Consider Menswear as Womenswear

There is nothing like the perfect fitted suit on the woman silhouette. It is both classy and classic, and a rebellious choice to the usual dresses women are expected to wear.

Step 4: Play With Color Combinations

To have some fun with Menswear, try playing with complimentary color combinations and styles. As seen here, you can try a two-toned suit, or a bright colored one with a color block accessory. Either way, you’ve got yourself a winning look.

Step 5: Sprinkle in the Perfect Amount of Sexy

Don’t be afraid to show skin when you are searching for the perfect evening gown. In fact, nothing is more memorable than a confident woman showcasing her body in the right fitting dress. As seen above, you can tastefully show a lot of skin without feeling too revealing. The rule I always go by is to give peaks, not full views. For example, if you’re showing your back, breasts, and arms, don’t wear a short dress. If you’re going for a short dress, cover your arms and reveal your back. simple maths, but its a winning formula to looking tastefully sexy.

Step 6: Find the Right Date

Possibly the most important item on the list here is finding the right date for the evening. With the right date, be it your girlfriends, guy friends, friend, or lover, you are in for a treat for a memorable night.

Step 7: Take The Right Photo

In this age of social media, did the perfect night really happen in the perfect outfit without the perfect photo? No. No it did not. So make sure you capture the essence of both the night and your outfit by taking the right photo, preferably in the beginning of the night when everything is still in tip top shape.

Now that you have all the tools to styling your most bold, colorful, sexy, and perfectly captured night out, go out and enjoy yourselves this holiday event season. And remember to tag us in your best moments with the tag, #KoloquaFashion.

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