6 Products for Your Postpartum Skincare Needs


Having a baby comes with many sacrifices that takes a lot of adjusting to, and skincare is one of them. With the body is going through monumental changes during and after pregnancy, so is the skin. It requires more time, attention, and a lot more tender love and care. For this reason, my skincare routine changed drastically during my pregnancy, and now postpartum. The products I used had to change along with my current skincare needs, which includes stretchmarks, dullness, dry skin, dead skin, and discoloration. Continue below for a list of 6 products that are carrying me through my postpartum skincare needs, and could carry you too. 

6 Must-Have Products

Frank Cacao Coffee Scrub.

postpartum skincare

After giving birth, there is an incredible amount of dead skin on the body, especially on the stomach. However, its nothing a twice weekly full body coffee scrub can’t handle. I love using the Frank’s Body coffee scrub because it leaves my skin feeling soft, supple, radiant, and invigorating after every use. It was a great addition to my postpartum skincare routine because it has rid my skin of all dead skin cells, and returned me to my even-toned pre-pregnancy complexion.

Amareta Belly Oil

postpartum skincare

The Amareta nourishing belly oil has been a heaven-sent for me. Unless you are one of those divine favorites of God, stretch marks are almost inevitable during or after pregnancy. I was lucky enough to through the entire 9 months without stretch marks, but they showed up immediately after giving birth. With a bit of research, I found this oil which has helped improve the look of the stretch marks drastically. I highly recommend it if stretch marks are something you battle with.

St. Elizabeth Cocoa Butter Cream

postpartum skincare

I was reintroduced to this cream in my postpartum skincare. The last time I used it was when I would use my mother’s skincare products as a child. Although, I have come to see this cream as a gold mine for my dry postpartum skin. The cream is on the thicker side, so I mix it with two different oils, which has now made it the perfect cream for my everyday use. It leaves my skin soft, even, and glowing.

J Palm Kernel Fresh Kernel Oil

postpartum skincare

I quite honestly cannot complete any skincare product list without a product from the Kernel Fresh brand. I usually mix the non-scented kernel oil with the cocoa butter, which has created the perfect blend of moisture and radiance for my dull postpartum skin.

Homemade Masks

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As a strong DIY girl, I love to create different recipes for my facial skincare needs. Top on my list of postpartum skincare needs is an avocado + lime + Liberian clay (portuh) mask. Mixing all the listed ingredients usually leaves my skin clear of the dullness that comes with postpartum stress, lack of sleep, and overall dryness of the skin. It’s a radiant boost of moisture after a long night of taking care of baby. 


postpartum skincare

Water is another product that will be a part of every skincare routine I share. You can use all the products you want, but you will never achieve the level of radiance you wish if you do not add an adequate amount of water to your daily skincare routine. During pregnancy, I drank up to 15 bottles a day. In my postpartum routines, I am down to an average of 6 bottles a day. Much less than before, but it still matches the amount I need to feed the baby and feed my skin.

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