5 Ways to Prepare your Skin for a Big Event


With the Liberian Entertainment Awards just around the corner, men and women who are attending are all making preparations for their outfits, their accommodations, plans, etc. However, an underrated star of the entire weekend that many probably are not paying much attention to is the main attraction to any outfit – the skin! Continue reading to learn 5 ways on how you can prepare your skin for the LEA’s, and any other major event you may be attending in the future.

1. Stop smoking/drinking

no smoking

If you normally are a smoker, or someone who drinks alcohol on a regular basis, you may want to desist those activities at least 3 days before your event. Smoking and drinking tends to dull the skin, and might make it more difficult to achieve that glow from within, which will help you shine bright on any red carpet.

2. Clean up your Diet

clean eating

In the days leading up to a major event, it will benefit your skin greatly to clean up your diet. Now, what I mean by that, is to double your water intake, and eat more fruits and greens. For example, if you normally drink 3 glasses of water a day, double it, and drink 6 glasses a day. As for the foods that are great for skin health, you can a full list HERE, as we previously covered the topic.

3. Keep your skincare routine consistent

Skin care

Now, this step is assuming that you have a skincare routine to begin with. But come on, its 2019, and there is absolutely no excuse to not have one by now, especially with the harmful pollutants the skin is exposed to daily. In any case, this step is very important, as you will need to do this twice daily – when you wake up and before you sleep – which will allow your skin glow throughout the event’s duration, no matter how bad your skincare habits get as the fun intensifies. If you do not have a routine, there are affordable spa treatments you can take on the morning of the event which will give you all the nutrients your skin needs, like moisture and collagen production.

4. Don’t wear makeup/Change your sheets/Relax

Sleeping skin

If possible, refrain from wearing makeup in the days leading up to your big event. One benefit of doing this is the shock value you will feel when you finally do wear your makeup on the big day. The other is that you will keep your pores clean leading up to the event, preventing breakouts, among others. Changing your pillow cases only applies if this isn’t something you have done recently, as a dirty pillow case increases your likelihood of breakouts. Also, just try to relax and get enough rest in the days leading up to your event, as stress can trigger the skin into breakouts and other severe preventable reactions.

5. Groom your body

Shaving skin

What I personally like to do a day before, or the day of an event is shave my entire body, excluding my arms. After shaving, I use THIS cacao body scrub that scrubs off all dead skin cells, then I shower as normal with my African black soap. I then allow my face to dry after shower, then use an eyebrow razor to carefully shave off all dead skin cells from my face before moisturizing. Bear in mind that all of this can be intensive in stripping the skin of moisture, so you must return that moisture afterwards with oils and body butters. I like to use a mixture of shea butter and palm kernel oil on my body; and a mixture of a collagen sheet mask, serums, and oils on my face. I would not recommend coconut oil after this process, as it only stays on the skin’s surface and does not penetrate to give you the needed moisture.

And just like that, you have my 5 steps to achieving an unmistakable glow as you prepare for your big event. Hope it helps, and we will catch you next time for more beauty and skincare tips.

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