5 Times Comedian, Ezy Pain Made us Laugh out Loud!


It’s not every day that we get to celebrate the budding industry of Liberian comedy. As such, today felt like the most appropriate day, as one of our favorite comedians, Ezy Pain, celebrates his birthday. As we have done in the past for VP Jewel Howard-Taylor and our CEO, Adrienne Tingba, we’ve decided to make the celebration of iconic figures in Liberia a regular fixture to our platform on their birthdays. Continue reading below for a short highlight of Ezy Pain’s comedic career so far, with 5 times he made us LOL!

Chris Brown Beef: Ezy Response

Following the very public beef between American superstar Chris Brown and American rapper, Soulja Boy, all eyes and ears were glued to the gossip blog pages for the next phase of the fight. Being the comedic genius he is, Ezy Pain joined in on the beef explaining his side of the story to Chris Brown. Watch how the conversation played out above to LOL!

2. Resurrection Challenge

The resurrection challenge arose earlier this year when a South African Pastor claimed to have resurrected a dead man. His claims were met with side-eyes of disbelief, while others called it blasphemous. Whatever the case was, Ezy Pain’s rendition of the alleged resurrection was pure comedic gold. Watch it above to LOL!

3. Host of the 2018 MTN Liberia Music Awards

2018 was a golden year for our boy Ezy Pain, as more people began to pay attention to his work. Among those was Lonestar Cell MTN, who selected the comedian as one of the hosts of its first MTN Liberia Music Awards hosted in Monrovia. Although, he has since joined the ranks of Liberian celebrities with nominations in other major award shows in and outside of Liberia. Watch his hilarious acceptance of the host offer above to LOL!

4. Team Adidas Pool Party

Not all the time laugh alone; sometimes laugh and party too! Our boy Ezy Pain knew this all too well when he was among the hosts of the Team Adidas Pool Party in December 2018. The success of the party was a clear indication of Ezy’s place and influence in the Liberian entertainment industry. Watch an overview of the party above to see why you should not miss the next Team Adidas event!

5. Ezy Pain and Son Comedy Short clips

We’ve all grown to love Ezy Pain, then he went and had a son! Not literally, but through his comedic persona. The clips featuring Ezy Pain and his son, Ezy Pain Son, have come to be some of the most viewed videos on both party’s Instagram accounts with their sheer creativity and comedic genius. Watch the clip above to LOL!

6. Honorable Mention, Commander of the #ProPoorWalk

Ezy Pain
Photo courtesy of Instagram/EzyPain

There was arguably nothing more memorable in the 2018/2019 Liberian holiday season like the #ProPoorWalk challenge, initiated by Ezy Pain. The challenge was influenced by the Liberian government’s proposed “pro-poor” agenda, but took a twist and played on the wealthy demeanor/appearance of those in charge of the agenda. This challenge marked a commendable moment in Ezy Pain’s career so far, as he took a very dire situation affecting the nation, and was able to make people laugh about it. The #ProPoorWalk challenge is still going strong today, despite its introduction last year; which also serves as a testament of the growing influence Ezy Pain has amassed through his comedic journey so far.

We are very excited and ready to laugh out loud at the bigger heights in this young man’s future. Let us all join the dialogue and wish Ezy Pain a very happy and hilarious birthday!

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