3 Liberian Bloggers Share Valuable Tips on Blogging


Illustration By: Nicholle Kobi

As Social Media Week Monrovia commences in Liberia today, we rounded up some Bloggers with strong presence in the Liberian industry. These Bloggers shared some valuable tips needed in running a successful blog, no matter where you are in your blogging journey. Continue below as the owners of The Koloqua Dialogues, LIB Positives, and the Liberian Influence share their top tips on running a successful blog, as per their unique experiences.  


Blogger: Karkay Adrienne Tingba

Blog: The Koloqua Dialogues

Years Spent Blogging: 4

Blog Type: Web/Social Media

  1. Find a Niche: There is a blog out there for just about any topic you can think of, so as you start, it is important to find your unique voice in the sea of voices that already exists and stick to it. 
  • Study the Market: Think of blogging as a business that can yield actual profit and study your market. Learn the language, know the key players, and network. All these things will provide the knowledge and support you need to blog successfully and make a living off it.
  • Invest in your brand: To make money or gain followers, some material and non-material investments need to be made. Pay for a quality website, get a camera or phone with high camera quality for clear photos, purchase or download apps that will keep you organized and synchronized, sponsor some shareable content. Most importantly, invest time into your blog so that you are consistently creating content that your followers (no matter how big of small) can engage with.
  • Learn the Art of Pitching: Blogging is fairly new to the Liberian market, so to make a name or money for yourself as a blogger or influencer, you must know how to pitch yourself/brand to businesses. Find all your sellable traits as a blogger/influencer and sell it! (**see study the market**)
  • Take Care of Yourself: The downside toblogging is that it can sometimes take a major toll on your mental health. It is an industry that requires optimum mental stability, which can sometimes be difficult in the sea of competition and self-doubt that comes with it. This is why you have to always keep your own mental health stable and go offline whenever you feel the need to. Self-care should always be your top priority in this industry.

Blogger: Anna Sherman-Karto

Blog: LIB Positives

Years Spent Blogging: 3

Blog Type: Web/Social Media

  • Passion: Make sure that you have passion for blogging and whatever you’ve decided to blog about. 
  • Have a Plan: Having a short-term and long-term goal will help keep you on track. It also allows you to know what your next step should be.
  • Be Original: I can’t stress this enough. Stay true to yourself and what your blog is about. This will help you grow and stand out. Plus, nobody likes a copycat.
  • Be Professional: Professionalism is everything. It encourages your followers to interact more, which brings in lots of traffic to your blog.
  • Don’t Rush it: Enjoy the process of building something amazing and celebrate the little milestones along the way.

Blogger: Benita W. Urey

Bog: The Liberian Influence

Years Spent Blogging 1.5

Blog Type: Social Media – Entertainment Updates

  • Give Credit: Always give credit when taking another blog’s info or pictures with or without consent.
  • Paraphrase: If you are reporting on news/updates from another media outlet, you have to paraphrase to make the content authentic to your blog. (** See give credit **)
  • Post Striking Photos: The pictures you post with every article can determine the success of the article, so make sure you choose pictures that are visually pleasing to your audience.
  • Study Your Audience: Posting during the times your audience is most active on social media throughout the day can give your posts great visibility, which means more people will see them and engage with them.

There you have it! Tips from 3 leading blogs in the Liberian industry, which you can adapt to your own blog/brand no matter where you are in your journey. For more tips on utilizing social media as a business tool, be sure to follow @smw_monrovia for updates on their 2-day event happening in Monrovia Dec. 12-13. 

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