Koloqua Talk Nen La Wey Nehwuh Geh Old


My Pipo! Yor hello ooh!

La yor Koloqua Kween here, and today pah I tiyah tuhkin in plenty standard English. Leh way la trowback tersday so, I na desah to come tuhk in smon Koloqua wey yor. Oh! So you nan shahp wey yor Koloqua ageen? Don’t wurray. Jeh keep reading and yor kween wey teach yor smon Koloqua so ah lees next time nan, you wey be abuh to join ley dialogue wey deese koloqua tuhk nen la wey nehwuh geh old!

Old Koloqua Tuhks La Can’t Geh Old


1. Mocofee

2. Mah

3. Smon Tin


1. Chichipoly

2. Gayla

3. Besahboley


1. Foster

2. Wackin

3. Chew

Girl/Romantic Partner

1. Fari

2. Maco

3. Big Jue


1. Brabee

2. Proh

3. Dahtor


I beg you ya – (To express disbelief)

We insah ay- (To express frustration or belonging)

Loka Lewo – (To express draw attention to something)

You geh dry face – (Used on someone who isn’t shy)

Ay na bad – (To express content)

I gaywor- (To give up)

Ay yah/Ay mehn -(To express sorrow or sympathy)

Ehn you see ( To express disbelief or draw attention)

I want eat suntin (To express hornger 😉

So la ay deh ooh my pipo! I na give yor all my best Koloqua words and phrases da wey nehwuh geh old! Next time, yor mon make show you join ley Koloqua dialogue, yehhhh.

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