10 Times Birthday Girl, Adrienne Tingba, Made Us Swoon


Koloqua Dialogues Editor in Chief and owner of Young Geh Lappa Suits, Adrienne Karkay Tingba, turns 25 years today. At such a milestone age in life, she has amassed a wealth of experience, achievements, and fashion moments that are sure to make anyone swoon. Continue reading below as we celebrate 25 defining moments for our CEO, the Girl With the Pearls, as she celebrates her 25th birthday in grace, style, inspiration, and so much more.

10 life-defining moments from Birthday girl, Adrienne Tingba

Creating Koloqua Dialogues the Blog and the Writing Workshop.

Did you Know the Koloqua Dialogues was once the Colloqua Dialogues? After started the Colloqua Dialogues in November 2014, Tingba commemorated the first anniversary of the platform with a writing workshop in Monrovia.

Moving to Liberia in 2016 to become the Queen of Ducor.

After graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice from Temple University in 2016, she relocated back to Liberia in an effort to reconnect with family, the nation, and work in changing the narrative associated with Liberia.

Becoming a volunteer News Presenter at ELBC Radio, Liberia.

While in Liberia, she maintained her daytime job at the Liberia Coca-Cola Factory, while volunteering her evenings to presenting the news at Liberia’s national radio station, ELBC Radio, 99.9FM.

Her culturally relevant exploration and visual showcase of Liberia

Exploring Liberia came with some incredible visual content. as a visual content creator, Adrienne highlighted the beauty of Liberia with a series of photos she styled and creatively directed.

When she sold “Coke” for a living at the Liberia Coca-Cola Bottling Company.

Working for a brand like Coca-Cola at the Liberia Coca-Cola Bottling Company enabled Adrienne to understand the mostly discouraging Liberian business environment from a corporate perspective; but she always remained determined to serve the people with support from the brand and colleagues.

Showcasing the Young Geh Lappa Suit brand in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

While on her ongoing birthday celebration in Montego Bay, Jamaica, she is in full CEO mode by wearing an entire collection sponsored by her emerging brand, Young Geh Lappa Suit.

News Coverage of the 2018 Liberian Presidential Inauguration with ELBC Radio and the Koloqua Dialogues.

We experienced first-hand social media coverage of the inauguration of Liberia President, George Weah, through the many lenses of Adrienne.

When the Young Geh Lappa Suit custom swimwear sample was introduced at the annual TMT Pool Party in Liberia

As the YGLS brand is in its stage of design sampling, the brand intends to invent itself in the space of Liberian fashion. As Adrienne shares each creative design fit for the modern eclectic African woman, one cannot simply forget this swoon worthy moment back in 2017.

The photo that debuted Adrienne in the New York Times.

When Nigerian Photographer, Yagazie Emezie worked in Liberia back in 2017, she featured a photo essay in The Times on the Liberia music scene. It so happened that around that time, Adrienne was also frequenting the music scenes, and was invited by Yagazie to be part of the story.

Cover Girl at the 2014 ACANA Festival

The ACANA festival celebrating African and Caribbean culture and arts had its 2014 show during the Summer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the show Adrienne captivated the performers and attendees by simply being herself, a decision which gave us this swooning moment with some performers representing Southern Africa.

As the thread reaches its end, join us in wishing a special Happy Birthday to our CEO as she continues to inspire and be inspired.

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