10 Relatable Liberian Songs That Has Kept Us Hopeful


This is the first Friday in August, and so we’ve decided to take a break from our weekend roundups to bring you all some songs of hope that can carry you through the rainy month and end of Summer. The LIB Takeover was apparently too much for the country, with this week of elections getting very messy by the day. Likewise, August is the last month of Summer, which means vacation is almost over, and school is right around the corner. As such, we felt Liberians and people everywhere could use a reminder of the many possibilities of life through music.

When we say music, we mean those melodious notes that just creatively finds a way to the soul. Whether it’s Gbema, Hipco, or Trapco, Liberian musicians have always found a way to reflect the times with their flows.

It is no secret that Liberia has endured some of the worst experiences for any country – from war, to EBOLA, to abject poverty. However, through music, Liberian musicians have been able to provide moments of hope for the people, and speak for us when we felt otherwise speechless. Accordingly, these songs continue to speak for us today as we experience yet another depressive time in our nation.

Continue below for a Koloqua Vibes weekend playlist curated specifically for our people today, as we need to let out any anger we may feel. These songs convey relatable messages of depression and positivity, and dreams and failed realities. They also carry timeless tunes that stand as a historical mark to the many trials the Liberian people have, and continue to endure.

10 Liberian Songs that Provide Hope

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